This is definitely not the best feeling in the world :(

Comment below when did you experience this, during pregnancy 🤰🏻

This is definitely not the best feeling in the world :(
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Unexpected delivery due to gastric pain n heart burn.. I was suffered severe stomach ach n go to hospital admitted n next day my leakage started due to the severe pain my due date still there for another 20 days ..

Beginning of pregnancy. Lots of air, keep burping and able to feel acid being pushed up to the throat.

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First trim till now 2nd i still has. Especially if i take chili and soft drinks

Second trimester. Can feel the gastric juice coming up to my throat when I lie down

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Same as me. Cannot eat too full. After I eaten I feel stomach tight n stretch n heavy cramp feeling. Don't feel good. Keep burping too. Lie down or sit or walk around my house also feel terrible. Wat u do for acid reflux?

throughout my whole pregnancy, just got used to it and cry abt it hahhaa

First trimester when my morning sickness was horrible

It starten to worsen when I was in 34th week. 😭

During labor together with labor pain😫

Third trimester and it’s disgusting

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This is one of my pregnancy symptoms.