Hi everyone, I'm planning a picnic for my husband birthday. Because it's my first time having a picnic.... can someone suggest me some fun guys that 4 of us can play & some simple food to bring? ((: THANKS!

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Can bring some finger food and tidbits. Since you are pregnant, think safer to play games that requires less physical movements. Can play card games like monopoly deal, uno or board games.

bring a beach ball (or any ball) along. it's one of the sure win "toys" and a must bring for any vacations for me and my family. can also go kite flying, play Frisbee. have fun! :)

Food: Sandwiches, nuggets and hotdogs, canned tuna etc Games: things you can find around the picnic area. Eg. Collecting water or sand in a tub in the shortest time, make a line

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You can go to marina barrage and fly kites, or you go family biking on east coast park. You can take some boards games along with you and enjoy some fun family time


Cut fruits, jello, finger sandwiches, cheese, chicken nuggets, hotdog sandwich, water and fruit juices. Flying kite, board games would be fun too

Frisbee and kite flying! For food wise sandwiches' the easiest, how about salad? Don't forget lots of water to stay hydrated! Have fun!

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Hi... you can find the information you need in this article https://sg.theasianparent.com/picnic-food-ideas

For food, some chicken salad sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, hot dogs, Pizza works well.