Is my wife demanding?

Hello everyone. I have a question. My wife is a few weeks pregnant, first trimester. So, being the caring and loveable husband.. I cared for my wife's needs. But I realized, even the smallest things.. she asked me to do it. I don't mind helping her and taking care of her but is she taking advantage of me just because she's on her first trimester? Please help me understand, is this normal for the wife's during first trimester? #firstbaby #advicepls

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Not trying to side your wife just because i'm a woman too. But first trimester usually the pregnancy is still not strong enough yet. I miscarriaged twice so when my husband found out i'm pregnant again, he took care of me without complaining. Even with the smallest and simplest thing which i can manage on my own. You should'nt feel that she's taking advantage of you because first trimester is very very hard. Some of my friend i heard was put on bed rest, which is even worse than what you are experiencing. You should be glad she is willing to carry your baby and go through the morning sickness (if she have). Because later on in the final stage of pregnancy, it will be much tougher as she can't do much due to the heavy tummy. She is pregnant now, then what if when baby come out already? Both have to work together in taking care of the baby, especially when your wife is still unwell after birth and needed alot of help. My advice is just be sincere in whatever you're doing for your wife and your baby, so you won't think of all the negative thoughts.

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At the 1st trimester, a pregnant woman's body is normally exhausted and weak. She's going through alot of body & hormonal changes at this stage, she probably didn't realised what she's doing. 1st trimester is for 3 mths till 13 weeks. 2nd trimester is normally the best stage cos she'll be back to normal (if she's lucky cos some have morning sickness throughout their pregnancy). 3rd trimester is the worse. Kinda same like 1st trimester but with insomnia, difficulties sleeping, tossing and turning @ night to find the perfect spot to sleep, frequent toilet trips, exhaustion & many more. My advice is, try to understand her. You may not know or go through what she's going through but trust us pregnant mummies when we say being pregnant is really exhausting. No matter this is your 1st child or not.

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Sorry you felt this way. Its a complex situation. Every pregnancy is different, some suffered so much during first trimester. You didnt state what is the smallest things she asked you to help? Try to understand why, is she cramping a lot? I cramp daily during first trimester so simply task like sitting and standing up hurts. Do communicate with her gently about how you feel, you sound like you are a nice husband but pregnancy is only the first step to changes around hse. When baby arrive, more for you to do at home and by then its not help because youre doing it for your child. Its being parent.

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As a woman, going thru my first trimester wasn't easy. The constant morning sickness, exhaustion and worrying whether I might miscarry was crazy. I am lucky to have my loving husband who can run midnight errands whenever I am hungry, do household chores and not letting me lift anything heavy. Please try to understand and be kind to your wife, she is growing a life inside her which requires tremendous energy. Always remember, happy wife = happy pregnancy = happy & healthy baby 😁

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Thank you everyone, for replying to this question. I appreciate it v much. And yes, right now, I understand that every women is different when they are pregnant. I will try my best to be a better husband, to understand better in this situation and cater to my wife's needs. I will read more on being the best dad and husband to my wife and child. Mummies out there, thank you for being strong and able to carry the baby for 9months #salute god bless to all.

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I think the problem is u. How can u think that ur wife is taking advantage of u. In the first tri, the women’s body is exhausted ALL THE TIME. And it’s aggravated if u have daily migraines & morning, night, afternoon sickness. If u are indeed that caring & loveable husband, u wouldn’t think of all the negative aspects.

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12mo ago

Yes. Just imagine if you are the one having bad morning sickness and in pain but you can’t take any medicine that really working for you. And you still gonna force yourself go to work with the exhausting body? We can’t stop ourselves to not having morning sickness or tired. Which is why a lot of us the women rather choose to take the stress and keep the pain to ourselves instead of sharing with our husbands.

Well, it really depends, during my first trim, i had a bad morning sickness from week 6 until week 17. But once we confirmed the pregancy, my husband told me to lay off all chores and did everything himself. However any small gesture you did show how much you care and love your wife, so i am sure she will appreciate it.

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1st trimester is not even a stable pregnancy yet. i don't think she's being too much to let you handle even the smalllest task. it's horrible for you to have that petty thoughts. you need to do some thinking. women battling pregnancy changes and hormones is not as simple as you think.

I am in Second Trimester right now, though slightly better than first trimester, but sleep quality is starting to affect me because right now as the baby grows, the muscles can have sudden jolts of pain when stretched during sleep. Basically all the 10 months are not easy for mothers.

you can talk things out with her. maybe the smallest things means a lot to her too. first trimester is very important as pregnancy is fragile. lots of patience needed from husband. months later when u see ur baby, you know its all worth. hang in there! not easy for both mummy and daddy.