Epidural will caused a lot of complications for your body when you are older?

Hi everyone! I will be delivering in KKH soon and I was wondering if its true that if you take epidural, you will experience backache, high blood pressure and other health complications when you are older or in your 40s/50s? I am so scared of feeling pain and i am considering to opt for epidural for my delivery but my mother is against it as she said that i will suffer backpain etc when i reach my 40s. Any mummies in their 40s-50s who took epidural have any take about this?

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Hi, congratulations on your last leg of your pregnancy! There are many pain relives that are available during active labour. And yes epidural is one of it. Epidural comes with side effects even during labour and after labour (all depending on how your body reacts to the drug). But you’ll have to know that the epidural administered will be turned down when the delivery team sees that your body is ready to push your baby out. So you’ll still feel the pain. This is to help “queue” your pushes as your contractions come along. And the rest of the comments here are right. Even without epidural, backache will be preset well into years after you’ve given birth. It is definitely not wrong to take any pain relief, but it’s better that your decision is supported along with how confident you’ll be with it during your birth plan with your own research and knowledge. Hope this helps! And all the best ❤️

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I took epidural for my firstborn because I have Low tolerance for pain. I was 32. After birth I experienced back pain like the most aching kind you’ve ever experienced. I think it lasted for few months after which it subsided. I think backache is normal for those who took epidural before as it will be injected in the spine but I’m not sure how long it will last or whether it will make a comeback in 40s or 50s. Just remember to stretch and have someone press on your back. I got my husband to crack my back everyday after I recovered fully from my c-sect. I’m now pregnant with no. 2 and have not experienced the backaches yet. I know it will come in 3rd trimester and after so I make sure to do lots of stretches and drink plenty of water. Going to a chiro helps too, if you can afford.

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My mother scolded me when I told her I had to take epidural. I took it anyway and I was 28. My back hurts from confinement and lasted until the next 6 months. Went to TCM and massage but they only helped for a few days then then backache comes back. But nowadays I stopped feeling that much anymore and still never regret that I took epidural!!! If not for epidural I will not want to have 2nd child and now I’m pregnant again, I’ll still opt for it hahaha. Not sure if 40 or 50 will feel the pain but I guess I will still not regret taking it.

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rest assured that with epidural , it will make you rilex , backache after delivered its not due to epidural with all the changes in our body will of coz cause you to have body ache, you can request for physiotherapy to teach you the basic exercise ! with epidural you can have your short nap before you start pushing !!! jiayo

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The older you get doesn't matter if you took epidural or not,backache is the most common aches you will get,so it makes no difference.. but before you are 5cm dilated make sure you make the decision of getting epidural,because after 5cm they won't give you epidural already..

Why would you wanna listen to your mother? Its your body! Take epidural if u really cant take it. I didnt wanna take at all but my hb feels i cannot take it and i know i cannot take it also! I was just 3cm away somemore. Anyway.. jiayou!

I took epidural when I was 26 years old and experience backache during my confinement. If you’re scared of other health complications when you’re older then you must be able to withstand the contraction pain until you deliver.