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Hi mummies, is there any reason why u would not opt for epidural and endure the pain throughout the delivery? Am thinking not to take it but not sure if I can tolerate through.

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I didn’t take the epidural just to see how painful it can get and also the articles I read and friends who took it suggested post partum effects like backaches and slip discs. But from my gynae he said there is no statistical evidence that epidural will cause permanent back pain as the anaesthesia is administered at the muscles just outside the spine. But there is always a small percentage of risk that it is administered deeper or closer to the spine by the anaesthetist. I’m a low risk taker so I decided to go for the hard way. Took laughing gas and painkiller shots at my butt which only help during the 1 min break time and totally no use during the 1 min intense contractions

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I didn't want to take it at first but the dilation took really long to happen. I was in labour for 28 hours and if I didn't take it I don't know how I could survive that 😂 you can always choose epidural if halfway through you really cannot take it anymore. but do keep in mind that if you decide to do it, do it as early as you can. I heard from other mommies that the epidural didn't work when they passed a certain cm of dilation. Congratulations and wishing you a smooth delivery!

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I gave birth feeling 0 pain! I never felt a single cramps! I did not take epidural. I was so chill and was playing with my phone till the moment I was pushing nurses dont even bother to ask me if I want epidural cause I was that chill. So you judge base on your body lor if cannot take it then go for it but if not pain then dont waste money

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i wanted to try to see if i could tolerate, and now i wonder how people do it without epi 😂

Trust me pain from level 1 to 10 is usually a 10.... better take