Hi everyone My dotter is 14months and she is having high fever. Arnd 38.5°c. Been giving her ibuprofen. She also keep poking her gums which is at the back of the mouth. Shes drinking less milk and passes watery stools. Is this teething? I have not bring her to the doctor as i wan to ask others opinion 1st. The last time i want to the doc for teething,they mention theres nothing much to be done. Any opinion mothers?? Tia.

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Sounds like teething. Firstly, sponge her down, under the armpits and groin are the most important parts. Use normal temperature water. Secondly, continue with ibuprofen every 6 hourly. Unless really necessary then 4 hourly. Aside to that, if she does not eat thats fine. Ensure she has wet diapers too. If milk intake reduces its okay also. Lastly what about her activities? Is she still playing occasionally? You can also get dentinox and apply for her on her gums when needed. If the fever persist for more then 3 days please take her to the doctors. Also aside from this, is she having any cough of flu symptoms? Usually teething causes mild fever, but if its high, it has to do normally with a common cold or viral infection like cough etc.

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