Is this teething?

Hi, is this teething? She always pull her ears, try to put things inside her mouth, constantly get angry n keep on puting her fingers inside her mouth.. she also refuse to take drink milk from the bottle.. What are the things i can do or give to soothe her gums?

Is this teething?
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yes, she is teething. u may try to freeze the teether and give it to her. otherwise u may buy some teething rusks. if the pain is unbearable, u may apply some Dentinox onto her gums.

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Hi mama! Exciting times! There are some things I did - 1) apply dentinox on gums 2) with my last finger, massage gums with a cold wet towel 3) provide a frozen teether

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Same as my daughter...I give her teether (🍌, 🍓, 🦒 teether), cold teether and teether biscuit..

Yes ! She is teething . Im using sophie the giraffe , and works well for my son during teething

12mo ago

U can get it online

Provide teether for her to bite on. There are teether bibs get that as well.

12mo ago

There’s water teether that can put in fridge. Otherwise you can get teething biscuit.

Yes! Provide teether