Skincare during pregnancy

Hello everyone, do you continue your usual skincare routine or you skip certain skincare product? I don't know why but my skin is peeling off - I have 2 patches on my cheek where the skin is peeling off ;(

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usual skincare but i did drop/reduce use of retinol containing products. skin can change condition during pregnancy because of hormonal changes as well. as long as u aren't using strong treatment products eg retinol based eye creams u should be fine. reduce the use of unsafe ingredients.

Yup i still continued with my usual skincare routine. Perhaps sometimes there are changes in our conplexion due to the changes in our hormones during pregnancy.

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Yes i do the usual skin care routine. But I stop radio frequency facial as it is not permitted during pregnancy.

I continue using my usual products. However I do look out for the ingredients & avoid products with parabens.

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Depending on my skin condition I will apply different product. Sleeping masks works for me on dry days

Try laroche soothing repair balm. I used it throughout the pregnancy due to dryness of my face

same i have 2 patches below my eyebrows due to dryness and peeling!! ):

Yes, but I stopped using products that might be dangerous to my baby

this is very important, I think