Hi everybody, I am new member here Thanks for accepting me to join I am in third trimester now I wonder what should buy for baby? I have crib, clothes, I will give birth in Kk hospital And also i want to buy breast pump, consider medela style in advance, do you think it is good? If anyone knows pls advice me Thanks and have a nice day.

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Newborns need not purchase much items actually. Clothes a minimal would work, breast pump, i used a unimom breast pump as for the medela it was too costly for me. I think on the whole you will need towels, wet wipes, breast pad, baby tub, handkerchiefs, swaddles, mittens, booties, diapers, milk bottles, storage bottles or storage bags if you intend to breast feed. My advise would be not to over purchase, thats a mistake many parents make due to the over excitement. To end it off, congratulations and have fun on your new journey. Welcome to motherhood!

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6y ago

thanks for your advice