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Hi I am a first time mum here, giving birth next month. So I need help with newborn bottles, what brand is good and how many bottles do I need to standby for newborn? Also how many ml bottle is for newborn? Would it be better if I buy anti collic from what I research? Also if you have any links in regards to buying the bottles do share :) Thanks a million!

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I use pigeon then change to hegen when she’s no longer breastfeeding. I get 2 bottles each, as I have UV steriliser so when the first bottle is washed and in progress of sterilisation, we will use the second bottle for her next feed. For pigeon we got the PPSU 160ml. You can get this from shopee (Pigeon official store). For hegen, we get both 240ml and 330ml bottle (as she gets older and drinking more). As I have miles point, so I redeem my miles points on this. You can get from shopee (Hegen official store) for the bottles. Otherwise can get from kiddy palace or isetan or any baby store. Shopee link as follow: Pigeon 160ml - Hegen 240ml - Hegen 330ml -

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We have used two different bottles - Avent and Pigeon. We got Avent initially with my breast pump pack. Worked fine at 1 month but she started to reject it (though in hindsight might be due to my lipase) so we decided to try Pigeon which 9/10 mummies had recommended in my FB mummy groups (so mannny mummies were recommending Pigeon). The 160ml bottle is good to start, we got the 240ml around 4 or 5 months. Now at 10 months we mostly use the 160ml bottle, but on occasion (maybe once a day we'd give her a bigger bottle). A friend swears by Doc Brown, apparently really good for colic! Pigeon was good enough for us for colic and gas :) We got our bottles in store at MotherCare/Motherworks (SG) or Redmart Gooood luck!!! ❤️

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I have 4 bottles + 4 teats of 150ml Hegen brand, using it since Day 1 until now she is 4 months. I have wide neck Dr Brown as stand by, but Hegen works find for me and the bottles are easy to wash. She rejected Como Tomo and sometimes she likes Pigeon bottles (I got those from pregnancy goodie bags). I would suggest using free sample bottles first or buy 1 of each brand that you are comfortable with, and when you establish which bottle your child likes, then you buy more online or in store (if need urgently). So far my experience with the delivery of official stores online is pretty fast.

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I used comotomo and dr brown when I’m not direct latching. My daughter loves both but I swear after a while the extra intricate parts to clean for dr brown bottles drove me crazy 😝

got to try n error on what is best fit for bb. most can recommend Brand A but ur child might like other Brand. if fear, get 2 Brand to try.

have to trial and error. my girl rejects Tommie, and only uses Avent. some swears by hegen

I bought milk bottles from few Brands and highly recommend avent milk bottle for new born