Third trimester pregnancy in public transport

Dear mummies, most of the time I experienced crowdedness in bus and mrt but no one gives seat and have to stand a few stops. Most people pretend never see me. Though I am in third trinester, I am afraid I could fall and hurt my baby. Just wondering if anyone experienced this and what would you all do? I feel bad for asking someone to give me seat but I also scared I fall.

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The priority seats are for YOU, the elderly and injured. Seeing healthy people hogging the seats make me angry. Honestly when I wasn't pregnant I tend to purposely trample over their toes or bang them awake with my bag if there's someone in need nearby. I haven't really encountered a time when people don't give up their seat after making eye contact with a pregnant lady though.

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Maybe try to go out at non peak hours. Sometimes people are working schooling and they are tired and they too need seats to rest. Altho they might not have a baby on toll. They might also fall and hurt themselves. I don’t feel obligated that people have to give up seats for me. After 2nd trim, I try to go out lesser on crowded time. Maybe you should too.

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There's nth to feel bad about. Yes, they might be some with hidden disabilities that we can't see, if you asked and they give up their seats then its all good. Normally I would avoid taking public transport on my own as I too am in my third trimester and face the same issue. Have to take pvh or taxi to play safe. Hang in there mummy

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Totally understand how you feel. I’m in my third tri as well and taking the public transport everyday. The number of times someone has given up their seats is less than the fingers I had on 1 hand. And yes, people tend to give you those weird stares instead of giving up their seats to you....

Don't feel bad, as the priority seats are designed for preggies/elderly/disabled/young children. Be brave, and ask nicely if you can have a seat if one is occupying. Between the elderly and you, you are more at risk of falling, and you are standing for 2. So dont feel bad, ask away!

not surprised mommy.... from my first to now my third pregnancy, none gave up their seats. some even pretend to sleep, some just stare at my belly etc... i usually just find a corner where i can lean on & prolly with a grabpole to hold onto... :)

it's happen with me too ... my colleague who accompanied me in bus always asked seat for me ... very obvious ppl just ignored me ... but I do try not aboard crowded bus ...

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Facing these again for 2nd pregnancy. Mentally stress and tired asking for a seat. Now I’m just trying my best to avoid public transport. Got sick of it. 😖.

U can try asking. Usually people will oblige on the request especially when your bump is obvious. I’ve asked for several elderly and it worked out well.

Just ask someone sitting in the priority seat nicely. I used to target someone healthy looking in the priority seat to ask. Don’t feel shy.