regulate screen time back to normalcy and fun offline activities

Every once in a while, walk in the nature, feel the fresh air and it’s a good way to have fun “offline” . . . These days, digital devices are unavoidable for my kids and as much as I want my kids to stay offline but I have to be flexible & open minded in their learning especially during this circuit breaker period, my kids have to depend more on digital devices to catch up with their study & school curriculum. The best thing I can do as a parent parenting my kids in the digital age is to have a good balance between going online & going offline. When it’s time to go online with their digital devices, I will make sure my kids have their screen time controlled and after they are done with their home based learning, they will take a walk through nearest park or reservoir because I truly believe being in nature reduces stress and improves positive feeling. Engaging with nature is a way to limit children’s exposure to screens and possibly a way to improve creativity too! . . Thanks to the tips I read from Media Literacy Council on how to regulate screen time back to normalcy and how to have fun offline activities, I’m confident I can teach my kids to set boundaries on their own screen time use. My parenting way to take a break from digital technology is engaging with nature and how about you? I would love to hear more! . . . Follow @betterinternetsg on IG or Facebook for more resources. We are #1ClickAway from a better internet! . . . P/s: Kids in nature photos were taken before circuit breaker!

regulate screen time back to normalcy and fun offline activities
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