Game Play Ideas, Imaginative Play and Home Playground

As a SAHM of 3 kids, I have the privilege to watch my kids grow up, witness their milestones as well as fun play and learn with them. And now with a baby around, our play time is always at home! Just like other kids, my kids get bored easily at home and as their mum, it’s important to keep them entertained through games, toys, activities and plays at home. Gameplay should also be fun learning and a few gameplay ideas I’d like to share: 1. Colouring, I love reusable & easy to wipe silicone colouring mats. It helps to calm my kids down for a while & improves creativity. 2. Play dough, Blocks, LEGO, Puzzle , Building bricks/sticks, Board games, Kinetic sand, etc. These games are excellent for their motor skills, creativity and brains development. 3. Imaginative play toys such as kitchen set, complete with food/fruits/drinks toys for kids to role play as Chef, waiter, customer etc. Imaginative play is not just limited to toys, but it’s also dressing up as a character kids want to be. For example, my 6 year old son loves to dress up as a fireman, complete with helmet & toy equipment, it helps with his speech development. Imaginative play toys are not necessarily to be expensive, it can also be easily DIY at home such as using cardboard boxes to build a fire engine car (kids can help with the decorations) or a farm house for farm animals (kids pretend to be farmers) imaginative plays are unlimited and always fun when parents join the kids together & role play as a family. It promotes bonding too. 4. Home Playground. It’s important to keep kids active no matter they are at home or outside. Benefits of being active are stronger muscles & bones and better sleep. And also physically active kids are more likely to be motivated, focused and confident. Would love to share about Friso’s ongoing promo (1 March to 30 April 2019). Free Playground Set^ with every purchase of Friso worth $380* and fellow mommies & daddies can visit this website for more details: Redeem all now (Play Tent + Play Balls + Play Mat + Play Slide) to keep your kids active through fun & enjoyable home playground specially presented by FRISO

Game Play Ideas, Imaginative Play and Home Playground
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Another option is to offer worksheets for children so that they can develop their preschool skills When I'm at a loss what to do with my sons, I print out these templates. Kids are interested in coloring. It is both useful and entertaining.

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