Ever since I got pregnant I realize I am getting more and more ingrown hair on my underarms - I never had that before. I have been waxing. Why's this happening? :(

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When you're pregnant, there is an increase of hormones and blood flow, which can make your skin super sensitive. So when your hair grows back, even after a wax, swelling and discomfort is more likely. You may also be more prone to getting ingrown hairs because of the onset of skin sensitivity brought about by pregnancy. Here's a website with suggestions of home remedies for ingrown hairs. Most of them involve the use of food products like fruits so I reckon they are pregnancy-safe (except for the aspirin remedy, might want to skip that): http://www.homeremedyhacks.com/24-splendid-home-remedies-to-get-rid-of-ingrown-hair/

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Hi momma - ingrown hairs during pregnancy is super common. You can try to remove it yourself. Try to put a hot compress on it and see if that's easier to get the hair out? Getting someone else to do it for you would be easier!

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This is hormon talking darling. Some of mum experience that, some of them experience hair fall during pregnancy. It is completely normal and if you're disturbed by it, try to remove it in safe way like with razor.

i've got different probs. i have like dark round spot on my underarms suddenly appear. btw, im still on my first trimester.. 11weeks pregnant now. my face become so red, and my doc said its normal.. hmm

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mine is not itchy. just timbul dark spot.. for me its ok. but im not really ok with the redness on my face + pimples on my neck. 😣

My armpit more black!!🤢i never had that and i have more hair growing on my tummy as well i guess its apart of hormones your not alone mama😀😀

i had this too.i hope i can get rid of it soon.btw, im already giving birth.but it still there.hope it wont permenant.

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Super common. One of the downsides of motherhood ;) Welcome to the club mama