do you ever have an argument with your spouse on issues about raising and disciplining kids? How do you reach a conclusion?

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used to have it lot at the time of the first baby in the initial years. but now, we've learnt that the one thing that babies and kids are very smart at picking up is how to manage to get away with anything, if the parents are not in agreement! of course me and hubby do not agree on the same things when it comes to parenting, but we've learned to give each other space and respect. so if we don't agree with something, we let the other one handle the situation for the time being, and then talk about it later. for instance, i do not like certain things he does as a parent, or certain things he allows them to do, and vice versa. but instead of pointing it out then and there, i tell him later about what i feel and why. he too gives his point of view's best to sort it out like that i feel

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