Wedding ring, yay or nay?

Does your husband force you to wear a wedding ring?

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I usually do not wear my ring when I'm at home because of fear that I might lose it when doing chores like washing dishes and laundry. I nearly lost my ring once when I was showering and masking my hair. Thankfully I noticed that it was slipping off in time. I do wear it all the time when I'm out and about at work. I take extra precautions with it. My dude doesn't force me to wear it but he does joke about it when I don't have it on at home. After hearing about the shower incident, he stopped joking about me not wearing my ring hahah!

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I recall I have a ex-gf that I really love alot and we kind of have a wedding band.. I wear it happily daily... I wasn't even expensive, cost less than 100 a pair. I don't wear my current wedding ring.. Hope this gives you an idea. Basically one don't need to be forced to wear a wedding ring.. They wear them willingly

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I wear my ring all the time. I think it's really a symbol for me and a commitment to stay with each other till the end of time. To me, the day when I take off my ring would mean something really bad like when I no longer love him and the marriage is irreparable. Vice versa. I hope the ring stays on my finger forever.

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My husband don't force me to wear my wedding ring . I wore it everyday on my own accord and didn't even take it out during bath time . I think is a form of respect to wear it and honour our spouse . My hubby didn't wear it on his finger coz of his work . But he have it on his necklace all the time

I work out quite a fair bit and will remove my ring during my workout sessions. The man does the same and has no issue with it. I really like my ring so I will still wear it when I'm going out. So no issues there. :)

No, my husband never forces me to wear the wedding ring, probably because I too also never tells him to. But, yes, during the initial time after our marriage, he did like whenever I wore the ring.

Sa experience ko sis di naman pero kung pinapahalagahan nyo talaga ang relasyon nyo at marriage nyo kahit di na yun ipaalala proud kang suutin ito at ipagmalaki.

I no force my wife to wear a wedding ring as the ring is too small after she pregnant.I plan buy a new one for her and it is her choice if she want to wear it .

If you gave each other wedding rings when you were married, I don't see why wearing it would be forced in any situation thereafter.

He not really force me but I can tell that he always happy when he see I wearing his grandmother’s ring 💍💍💍