My EDD got pushed back 10 days and I'm already in my 33/34 week :( anyone had this happen before?

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Mine alsó, 5 days backward because my baby is small.. but everything is fine.. i stay at the hospital for 2 days because they want to observe if everything is okay.. and now weekly they check the ctg and Dopplerultrasound..

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The scans that show your EDD are not 100% accurate and can change. Doctors use it as a baseline to chart your progress and baby's growth. Always check with your gynae if you're worried

Its normal. The scan result is not always accurate. As a matter of fact the first scan you went before 3 or 5months give a better result.. so dont panic your baby is growing well.

Could it be that your baby is just smaller in size in general? Have you check with your gynae on why was it pushed back?

7y ago

Our prayers are with you keep us posted!

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Pushed back? Only at 33-34 weeks it got pushed back? Could it be that your baby size estimate shld be 10 days later?

7y ago

Why only? Isit later then push back is common? My baby weight seems fine at 2kg but idk

I did not experience this before. But my colleague's EDD was push back also due to size of baby.. I also wonder why..

7y ago

Yeah have to go through another extra week 😔

I heard that usually first EDD will delay abit. It maybe due to the size of your baby.

I've not experienced this..But I heard it can happen.. Probably due to size of baby..

Not to be too obsessed about EDD, delivery can be dued anytime this period of time.

My gynae told me that the first Edd is usually the most accurate.