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My edd is 21 Aug 2019 . Now is only June havent even July. I'm starting to feel cramp . And sometime the cramp is so pain till I need to stop moving and stop breathing till it's gone. Water bag never break . I think it's when baby is moving and choose to kick and push at wrong part but it's making me paranoid. I scared of pain but my tolerance in pain is also quite high . Dunno is this cramp normal to feel it now this early . But I've read online about knowing what shud I expect if I'm ready to get into labour . Some of it are happening to me . Like my back is aching also . I'm so paranoid. I never feel this kind of cramp or whatever my tummy is feeling In my first pregnancy before . Shud I be worried or is it just normal .

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Hi during third trimester, it is common to feel braxton hicks contractions, which feels somewhat like cramps. Unlike true labor, Braxton Hicks contractions: Are usually not painful Don’t happen at regular intervals Don’t get closer together May stop with a change in activity or position Do not last longer as they go on Do not feel stronger over time U may want to download an app to monitor contractions and see whether it's regular. Braxton hicks contractions shld not be overly painful.. So do raise to gynae if pain is too intense

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Can download "pregnancy calander"