Need To Rant On A Horrible Boss

During this CB period working from home with a baby who need feed every 3 hours, but my boss keep conferencing everyday! Because she live alone. She tell our colleagues that she's someone who can't eat alone and she can't be alone. She even suggest my husband to help take over when need to meet deadline (deadline is still sometimes to go) when my husband also working from home he needs to do his stuff too! Men being men, most of the time baby need mother over father. Who is she to teach me how to manage. Yes, she's a lesbian she don't understand, I'm not discriminating, but she's discriminating me since I'm pregnant until now. She's super anal to work even ur casual grp text message without full stop she will ask u to put all the necessary marking "?,!?" others know what im talking about why not u? She's just being so anal to work with.

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Super Mum

Poor thing... it’s true that many people don’t understand what it’s like. It’s even more horrid when it’s your boss whom you have to submit to. I think if my boss insisted on conferencing non stop, I’ll just put on a nursing cover and feed my baby while conferencing. If my boss feels uncomfortable about it, then so be it.. because once you’re a mum, you’re also a fulltime mum as much as you’re a full time employee. You’re doing 2 jobs while others are only doing 1. Just want to encourage you and tell you that you’re doing a great job! Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise:)

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2y ago

Feel better.. You are so right!