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Hi mummies. My baby is 2mth19 days now. We noticed a change in the amount of milk she’s drinking. She used to finish her milk from bottle (bm), sometimes we even need to top up because she wasn’t satisfied. But now, since 2 weeks ago (and ever since our nanny has left) the trend is she can’t finish what we’ve prepared for her. She’s supposed to be drinking 110ml now but seems like the intake ranges from 70 to 110ml, she does finish all 110ml sometimes. she’ll cry when she’s hungry but will stop drinking (i presume she’s full). She does pee and poop well, gaining weight too. Can also suckle well between bottle teat and breast. I’m just puzzled by this because I thought she should be drinking more according to her weight.

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the milk amt are just guidelines, don’t have to follow strictly. as long as baby’s intake is still there, mood is well, weight gain is good then don’t worry too much. sometimes leap/growth spurt causes appetite changes in babies. you can google search leaps by wonder weeks.

7mo ago

Thank you for letting me know. I’ll check on Wonder weeks. 👍🏻

Just follow bb’s cue. There’s no fixed amount. They will go thru leaps here and there. My LO was drinking 100ML every 2-3 hourly before she entered 2M. Dropped all the way to 40-60ML every 3 hourly. She’s currently 3.5m & started drinking 100-130ML every 1.5hourly.

7mo ago

Thanks for sharing your experience with me. ❤️