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My due date is in 3 weeks time. I am a subsidised patient at SGH. I have chosen class B2 upon admission and was told that I need to pay $692 as cash deposit. If i am not able to fork out this sum of money during admission will I be able to seek for financial assistance? I wasn’t aware that subsidised patient still need to pay deposit during admission. I thought only private patient in class A and B1 need to pay. Thats the reason why i change from private patient to subsidised patient.

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I would suggest you speak with sgh business office or admission office for more information on billing and payment. They should be able to go through the options with you. Cash deposit of admissions are estimated based on the allowable claimable from medisave/ medishield. The claimable Medisave amount by itself is capped, and it is based on the type of operating table or procedure the admission is for. So, subsidized admission may still have cash deposit but the amount is usually lower than a private admission since government subsidies cover a part of the total bill that would have otherwise been paid by the patient. You might be recommended a C class admission with higher subsidies, and potentially lower out of pocket cash, if you have difficulties affording the total bill. In any case, let the staff know you can't pay upfront deposit.

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I used to be at sgh too but i don't remember having to pay deposit for B2 ward. Maybe u might want to check with the business office on this?

For kkh only A class need to deposit... Class b n c no need to deposit all will use medisave

Yes there is some subsidy need to pay deposit. If you take class C, no need any deposit.

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Suggest you speak to SGH, there’s an admin office that deal with all this.

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suggest you to talk about this to sgh admin office or smtg. ask them.

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Hi so did u pay the deposit or how is the outcome

So what's the out come why need to pay?

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I think u need to speak with them