hi there. my son is 2 weeks old today but has not poop for 2 days already. I have just changed his diet which is into fully infant formula like 5 days

Dont think he is constipated as he has been farting quite a lot every day. Burping is quite an issue after feeding as he has always been falling asleep while feeding him. Without poop for two days, is this normal for 2 weeks old baby? Need your advice. Am worried. Thank you.

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Super Mum

It’s actually quite normal, especially since baby’s on formula milk. As long as baby’s not in discomfort and is feeding well/active, you can continue to observe:) if it extends past 7-10 days, then you might want to check in with a doctor

My baby was on mixed feed and the record was 6 days.. We asked pd and pd said its fine. BTW try to burp your baby after every feed of jot gas in the tummy can be very uncomfortable for them. You can burp a sleeping baby too