2 months old not pooping

My 2 month old baby now only poops once every 2 or 3 days. PD says it's normal but baby has been so fussy lately. He used to poop several times a day in his first month. I tried to eat more fibre but it doesn't seem to be working. Baby is on mixed feeding - formula 2-3x a day and the rest are breastmilk. Is there anything tt I can do to make him poop more frequently? #1stimemom

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My baby just went through that at 2 months. He pooped A LOT on day 4. As long as poop looks normal and it's not hard constipation like poop it's fine. Their digestive system is changing around this time and for some babies they use up all the energy in the milk that they start to poop less, for some they just accumulate for days and release it all when they're ready. Babies are generally very fussy around 2 months, peaking from around 6 to 8 weeks and it slowly gets better. If you're concerned about the pooping you can try doing more tummy massage and bicycle his legs regularly. Another method is rectal stimulation which can be done with just some vaseline and a thermometer. This can help them pass gas and poop quite effectively, but not really recommended as they might start relying on that rather than slowly learn the proper way from what I read about.

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You could rub his tummy, and do those massages for him. I gave my baby BioGaia (probiotics) to help him poop. You can get them at Watsons. But I think maybe want to check with PD if okay to give.

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its normal. so dont worry. but if u think stomach has some wind, u can do tummy massage, rub with some oil. some ppl use ruyi oil, some use telon oil. up to ur preferences.

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do tummy massage after shower and diaper changes. part of an obstacle to run through