Hi just done check up at KKH for my son jaundice and they say its prolonged jaundice because my son is already 3 weeks old they asked us to do the liver scan... I am really scared and worried can't wait for the scan schedule... With your babies when does their jaundice clear and do they also done liver check at KKH?

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Hi Ayu, My heart goes out to you. All 3 of my children had high levels of jaundice, my 2nd being the highest at 400+ and it took a month+ to go away. We didn’t do a liver scan and just flushed it out with milk. He did undergo intensive light therapy tho - even after that the jaundice hovered and we had to do heel prick tests every week. This was with NUH and the polyclinics thereafter.

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it is better to breastfeed baby and give formula milk together. As long as you wake the baby up every 3 hours, give milk and change diapers, it is good enough. The key thing is to make sure baby poop for every 3 hours. Very tedious but you gotta do what you have to do... baby need to drink and poop.

we took 2 months to clear my boy jaundice with weekly checks by PD. bath him in the flower bath quite a number of times, sun him in morning. cut down breast milk, increased formula milk. suspect he had breastmilk jaundice coz all the liver tests etc comes back normal.

My baby also have prolonged jaundice. Currently she is coming 3mths. Will be going for ultrasound scan and xray this coming Wed to confirm that she is not having Biliary Atresia. Cos each time she goes for her followup checkup, her jaundice level gets higher.

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Don’t worry and just go for the tests first:) most of the time it’s because the baby is breastfed. Keep baby well hydrated with milk. My baby’s jaundice level is also 176 at 3 weeks. Coming down very slowly

U buy jaundice flower from Chinese medicine shop, soak it and shower baby with the concentrated water. It's really effective. I use that for my daughter. Jaundice level reduce very fast. My friends also use that.

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Yes. Same here.

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My bby had jaunduce too. But after shower with the chinese flower or herbs thingy and every night leave the lights on, my bby jaundice drop drastically and within 2 check up drop

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Try go for morning/ evening suntan. If you are breastfeeding, keep it up. It can help to reduce jaundice. Or you can buy a flower thingy from tcm to bath him.

Go to a chinese sinseh and ask for a medicine for jaundice. The medicine is for u to put in baby bath water to shower him or her and it works.

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Hi I know its been 2years but can I check how did it go for you? Im currently going through the same and feeling so emotional abt it