baby and tv

Does your baby stare at the TV screen when adults watch TV? Will you move LO away?

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Yes cos they’re attracted to the movements n sounds..especially advertisements. N no we dont move them away, we do let our kids watch it frm a safe distance, their attention span is very short anyways

Yes. He has a designated place to sit if he wants to watch tv. If he gets off the chair, he knows he is not allow to look at the tv. (Our way of protecting his eyesight prevents from getting worse.)

Yes. My lo loves it. I don't always move him because he will goes back to the place again and again. So i put a long desk in front the TV desk to make sure he keep a distance from the TV.

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It’s natural for them to stare, because of the sound and lights which attract their attention. I would move baby away.. even from the laptop screen or phone screen.

We would move away. Our baby oso know how to stare and look at TV already. She's 5 months old😂

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Yes, I will move LO away. Their eyes are unable to see the fast moving images

yes, so we watched news.. but most of the time do not let baby watch

Yes my LO likes to stare at the TV when my parents watch the news

yes, very normal. i'll off the TV or move away

I will move him or turn off