Stretch marks

Does stretch mark cream work? I'm starting to itch a lot in my tummy area and I guess I obtained a few marks from scratching..

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In my opinion, no it doesn't really help that much. Applied bio oil religiously and still got a s*** ton of stretch marks during my first pregnancy, stomach literally looked like a watermelon with all the streaks. Found out only after the fact that: 1. It is genetic and hereditary. My mum also had loads of stretch marks and thus passed this undesirable skin trait to me, and 2. all the creams and oil do is to moisturize your stretching belly skin so that it reduces itching and *may* help to make the skin layers more supple and less likely to break apart i.e. stretchmarks.

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I won't say it helps magically, but yes it does helps to reduce and moisture the skin to add elasticity, therefore you won't itch so much. If your skin tends to scar, leaving dark pigments then there will be higher chance for you to have visable stretch marks, like wise if your skin is flawless, translucent after scaring/ brusing you most likely will not see much marks Avoid scratching, that's how scretch marks got worsen.

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Do not scratch using your fingernails as much as possible po. Use a comb and scratch gently. Make sure to properly moisturize your tummy area and hips always to avoid feeling itchy. I use this oil twice a day to avoid the itch. ☺️ hope this helps you fellow mommy 😉

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Use bio oil. After birth, use the cream as above pic daily once or twice a day and your stretch marks will slowly lighten and gone.. I am using that now after i gave birth to my boy, now my stretch marks are lighter and some barely able to see already

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It dont help, pregnant stretch skin n definitely with have stretch mark. Just apply normal moisturizer will do, don't need spend so much money. The purpose of normal moisturizer is same n work like those cream

For me It helps. Use oil will be better. And I start to apply since 2nd tri. As compared to butt area which I didn’t apply. I had stretch marks there. But my stomach had none cos I applied religiously.

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Been using Cetaphil lotion from beginning of 2nd trimester and no strech marks so far, even though my tummy has more than doubled 😂 For itchiness though, I rely more on cotton dresses & it's more comforting.

1y ago

Anong klaseng Cetaphil lotion po?

Will probably reduce marks, although pigmentation that’s caused by genes cannot be removed. Also will keep your skin moisturised so not so itchy.

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Bio-oil helps.. But must apply before your stretch marks appear... It can helps to prevent stretch marks. Best to apply at the start of 2nd trimester.

2y ago

Ahhh thank you! Will start applying. Alr have 1😂😂