Stretch marks

Does stretch mark cream work? I'm starting to itch a lot in my tummy area and I guess I obtained a few marks from scratching..

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Super Mum

If it itch, I use suu balm to curb the itch. Stretch mark cream to me don’t help with itch . And those scratch mark take forever to heal

i use Bio Oil... i still get stretch marks...juz lighter than its supposed to b... but i use it alternate im prone to acne...

Im kiasu. I use 1.clarins anti stretch marks 2. Clarins tonic treatment 3. Palmers stretch mark cream 4. Bio oil....

Ask Ko lang po pag ba 4 months na si Babay bump. Sobrang magalaw na po ba siya sa tummy tnx u po

So far I've been using virgin coconut oil. Cheaper and works for me. I'm in my 18 weeks now but haven't shown any stretch marks.

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not for me. but I heard bio oil is one of the best. n perhaps coz I'm not discipline enuf to apply it regularly.

I used Palmers cocoa butter for my 1st pregnancy from 16 weeks on. No stretch marks on my belly!

Yes! Currently using palmer's cocoa butter, recommended by other mummies. Not bad easy to apply, so far ok

3y ago

My colleague just pass me a bottle of it! Will try them! Thanks!

I'm not sure if it helps but I apply coconut oil religiously and managed to stay stretch mark free