Recommendation other than haakaa for bm collection

Does other manual pumps work the same way? Eg hegen manual pump

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Super Mum

Haakaa is more convenient since you just place it there and the milk will flow out, manual pump you will need to keep pumping. Haakaa is cheaper too so highly recommend

VIP Member

I cannot comment about whether other brand works the same, but I have tried haakaa personally and think that it is great for collect letdown.

Super Mum

I’ll latch one side and pump the other side with my electric pump.. somehow it’s more than just using haakaa pump to collect let down.

VIP Member

Haakaa is more convenient. You do not need to manually press. It “suck” by itself

Super Mum

U can buy hakaa pump from shopee.


Nature Bond silicone breast pump

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Hi, It is a good and convenient brand. You can go ahead with this