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Need help... Planning to get a electric single breast pump & also a manual hand pump... Recommend for the electric single breast pump and manual breast pump please... Is Hegen Manual Breast Pump good?? Electric Spectra s9+??

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Hegen manual pump not bad! The yield is almost same as using electrical pump, and don’t really require much strength to pump. Some people find it a hassle to pump manually but in fact I actually enjoy watching the breastmilk being extracted out LOL I enjoy manual pumping than electrical pump :) And a tip for you, buy hegen manual pump from carousell, many are selling at a fraction of original price because those mommies got them free over the Thomson medical 40 years anniversary.

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I just bought a youha plus! It’s cheap but I heard it works like magic! They have a wired and hands free version! It’s cheap so I bought the wired first to test and it has more power - in my first few days, if it works well- I’ll definitely invest in the hands free version! (Under 100sgd)

I’m using Pumpables, it’s got a liquid shield flange made of silicon so it’s softer when pumping and suction is hospital grade. U can check it out here: Bought it with groupbuy @ 25% off

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I would recommend be free express. I've tried spectra and be free express. Be free express is much more convenient as it has built in battery. The link below for you to find easily

Bought my spectra S9 from qoo10 saved me sooooo much!!! Mothercare/mummys market costing 300+ i only paid 190 for the same thing except instructions in Korea ah but no big deal! Save 💸!

Heard lots of good reviews for Pumpables from Australia. There’s a Groupbuy going on now. U can join to find out more.

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There’s currently a new breastpump in the market (loveamme by mothercare) looking for testers and testers will be able to keep the pump. Maybe you can take a look!

For manual breast pump or soemthing Low effort I recommend the haaka silicone pump! I can collect 10-20 ml of leak/let down while I nurse or pump my other side

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Would recommend double pump for electric as it saves half the time and the price difference is minimal. Bought Philips, and heard spectra and medela is good