Does anyone have any recommendations on baby carriers?

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A lot of mummies rave about Tula but it's on the expensive side especially if you want the woven fabric ones. Personally, I've used Manduca and Ergobaby 360 (both normal and cool air mesh versions). Of the 3, I like Manduca as the fabric is a lot softer than Ergobaby but it only supports inward facing. For both Ergobaby 360, I prefer the normal canvas one although the cool air mesh is a lot lighter. The cool air mesh one comes with a clip waist buckle unlike the normal one which has velcro waist strap. I'm petite and have a small waist so the velcro is better adjusted for me.

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I second Jacqueline's suggestion of ergo, manduca and Tula. I bought the ergo 360 over the others because it's inward and outward facing. I think the Tula and manduca are only inward facing, as is ergo's basic model.

If you are looking for soft structure carrier, you may want to consider Ergo, Manduca and Tula. These are the common ones that Sg mummies are using.

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I personally love the Tula baby carrier. There are many fun and beautiful designs and they are very comfortable too!

I use VRBabies carrier right now but i also have a chico carrier 😊

I personally like the tula but it's way above my budget.



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