Dry and sensitive skin

Does anyone has dry, itchy and sensitive skin after pregnancy?

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Me! I used to have oily skin but now my skin is so dry i have to change my makeup routine and skip on mattifying setting spray. Just use moisturiser on daily basis after shower and it will get better! I use cetaphil and it work wonders! :)


Yup. Had lots of red marks on my thigh and arms too. Get medication cream or ointments from your doctor. This will pass soon enough and disappear

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I had eczema after I gave birth! It was so bad that steroid creams don’t help at all. Have to take oral steroids 😞

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I did! I stopped using toner for my face and replace with facial mist. I use mild skincare and lotion for my body.

During pregnancy, very dry and itchy! I will keep applying QV Cream and use QV Bath oil for showering. It helps!

Yes, i have itchy and dry skin.. So i uising Palmer oil for the skin. It's work for me😄😉

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Please use hydrating moisturisers and have lots of water which helps in nourishing the skin

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Yes, I experienced it too. Use light moisturizer or aloe Vera gel on affected area

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Thank you for the suggestion. I will try it

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Yes and I have flaky skin too. Have to keep moisturize it

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No. My skin became more moisture, over glow but not oily.