Do all parents think that their babies are the most adorable babies ever?

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It is quite unlikely that a parent would find their babies “not adorable looking” and there is a scientific explanation for it. According to evolutionary biology, everyone is hardwired to find the youngest member of our own species adorable. This is so that we will naturally feel inclined to care for, and protect the baby from any potential harm. It helps that all babies are born with cute features such as (taken from: - large head relative to body size, rounded head - large, protruding forehead - large eyes relative to face, eyes below midline of head - rounded, protruding cheeks - rounded body shape - soft, elastic body surfaces Boring, scientific explanations aside, I personally feel that it is difficult for a parent not to find their babies adorable since there is bound to be some likeness/similarity between the parent and baby. Be it in their features or behavior, it is always endearing to see a little of yourself in someone else. :)

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i guess that is the most natural thought that any parent would have. to help a baby grow within you, to nestle that baby in your arms and see her grow up feeding on you, and feeding on your love. to have that amazing special bond - all of those things add up to make every baby the most adorable to its parents :)

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I think it's pretty common! My daughter is 7 years old and still I find her the prettiest girl wherever she goes. My son is 6 months and even though he has no hair, he's such a cute baby that I tend to forget about his lack of hair lol

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Yes. All babies are cute and adorable. I feel my babies are most adorable because they are the combination from myself and husband.

Yes i think my son is the most adorable baby. Don't we all look at our kids that way?


My boy is the most adorable baby ever in my eyes.