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Divorceed single mother. My ex husb left and never see my child almost 3 years plus. He only provide montly mainetainance for e child. I just want to know : if your ex husb ask you for a copy of birth cert do you give him?? What are the things you dont provide a copy to your ex husb?? The reason i asked because my ex is abusive, never bother to come n see e child. What is the purpose he needs those for. I hv a sole custody. And i want to know my rights. Appeciate some advised. Thank you

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Hello! I am a single mum too. My ex husband also only pays for maintence and never once visited the child. NO. I will never ever give a copy of the BC since I have the full subsidy. I found out my ex husband have been secretly using the child as an excuse to get subsidy from the government. I actually reported him to MSF. Other things you don’t provide is IC / BC / health booklet. Unless he gives you a good excuse on why he need those document, please don’t give it to him. All the best! We women can live without such horrible husbands

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