Safety playpen

Did you put your baby in a safety playpen? Why or why not?

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Super Mum

Yes. I actually made it into her “kingdom”. Haha. All the fun stuff are inside. She used it to play/drink milk/practise sitting/crawling/walking. Believe it or not, my elder child is coming to 4yo this year and still loves hanging out in the play pen. Her favourite books and toys are there.

4y ago

Plastic kind:)

Super Mum

Nope if I need to go away for a minute ill put baby in the jumperoo 😁 the playpen takes a bit too much space and they will soon outgrow it

VIP Member

I bought one. Will be putting my girl there next month. It’ll be like her own space in the house. 😁

VIP Member

Yes. So that he can stay in the playpen while I go and make his milk etc.