Feelings toward hubby after having a baby

Did you love or resent your hubby more after becoming a parent ?

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Both 😆. I loved seeing the fatherly side of him, the way he took care of our baby girl was so adorable ! At the same time I did argue with him a lot more after our baby came along. I was mostly venting my frustration n trying to deal with new mum struggles.

I would say i lovr him more after i became a parents. Seeing how much he sacrifice and work hard makes me love him more... doesnt matter whether he is the sole breadwinner or both of us working... i still love him to the moon and back..

Both. But more to love. Love more because I see him fumble with trying to take care of a mere baby to putting his best foot forward to give her the best.

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Love hate relationship I guess LOL It takes two hands to clap as parents though so gotta work together as a team!