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Just did my detailed scan just now. Was being told that i have low lying placenta. Searched the forum n found that some ladies have undergo this too.. Gynae didnt say its very low though. baby is healthy as what gynae said and she didnt give any bedrest. She said i could walk as per normal. Will this cause any miscarriage? What will happen? This is my 3rd pregnancy... last 2 was chemical/lost at a very early week. :( praying for a smooth pregnancy ahead..

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I had a complete placenta preveria for my third pregnancy. Had my first bleed at 20 weeks. At 32 weeks I had my second bleed n was hospitalized for 3weeks. During that period I had multiple bleeding episodes but felt assured caused docs n nurses were always around to attend to me immediately. Finally had my super major bleed at week35 n had to undergo emergency csection. Two weeks ago, I just celebrated my daughter's one month baby shower.

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Hi, maybe its not too low that's why she didnt order bedrest. But still, better to minimise your movement to avoid some bleeding. Dont worry, placenta usually moves up as pregnancy progresses. Mine was also low during my detailed scan but managed to move up and deliver normally. If it didnt move, you need to undergo csec so dont worry. Take care!

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I think it’s fairly common to have a low placenta. Doctor said that mine was a bit low after my detailed scan but she didn’t seem too worried about it. She just told me not to carry heavy things and also shared that usually the placenta will shift up when the baby grows bigger. So hopefully that would be the case.

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Placenta usually moves up, as long as it doesn't obstruct the cerix opening, normal delivery can still happen without concern