Low lying placenta week 16

Hello mommies, I just had my detailed scan at week 16 and gynea told me that I have low lying placenta. He just told me to avoid carrying heavy stuff and hopefully it will move up after sometime. May I know if any mommies also encountered this problem? I checked online and it says that it may cause bleeding before labor, and chances of natural birth is low. Is low lying placenta threatening? And how do you deal with it? #pleasehelp #pregnancy #advicepls #ftm

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I have the same, my gynae confirmed at week 18 after I had 2 incidents of bleeding. I have been advised the same. No physical work. Max pelvic rest. Also to avoid intercourse. 1 thing from my personal experience, if you are constipated do not apply pressure during bowel movements, in my both bleeding incidents i made this mistake. As the size of uterus grows, the placenta moves along with it and it finally gets settled around week 32. It is not threatening to you or baby. If it doesn’t move, only problem will be that you wont be able to give birth vaginally, and your gynae will advise you for C-sec. Hope our placenta moves to right place, sending good vibes 🙂🙏🏼

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12mo ago

I’m currently on bed rest due to bleeding episode too…. And I’m very stress about it. May I know did bed rest help to stop the bleeding eventually?

I also faced same at my 18 th week, But My placenta went up in third trimester. So I could go through normal delivery.

1y ago

Hope mine move up too!! Did you bed rest? Or you had your activities as per normal?