Dear mummies, How u feel when u need to put ur kid in infant care? Mine is 4months today is full day in infant care, im so worried and guilty:( but there is no one able to help and my maternity leave is used up.

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Hi Cindy, i feel you. Are you a first time mom? Usually first time moms take the beatings harder. Dont feel bad. I used to feel bad and guilty in many aspects. Teach your mind and counter your thoughts. He us there and well taken care of, also you know that everything will be catered for him. Food, sleep, and his play time etc. Sometimes they are better there then with us. We get exhausted and may not be able to to provide the best emotionally as well. Moreover, you need to work, no work means no money, no milk, etc. Counter your thoughts, educate our minds. Then again, i feel you. And i hope you will pull through. Blessing with you.

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Take a deep breath. Just make sure you have done due diligence in choosing your infant care and you monitor your lo very closely. You can’t be a mum taking care of your lo and working mum at the same time. There is no need to feel bad and guilty. Just be vigilant to check in your lo Everyday to Ensure all is well.

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Hi, I'm enrolled my babies when they were two month old! At the early stage, maybe I would feel upset because I rather put them into infant care but not taking care them by myself. But for long term, enroll them earlier is best as they would adapt the environment and teachers...

Dont have to be guilty mama. It might not be a bad thing for ur baby to me in infant care. Your baby can learn socialising skills there apart from what you will be able to teach him/her if you were a sahm.

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Hi mummy, I feel you too as my daughter is also in infant care. However, we must tell ourselves that we are doing what's best for our baby. Do monitor your LO and spend quality time whenever possible :)

Prefer not to as long as there is family help, I have a few friends who have their babies under infant care, may be more prone to sickness in the beginning but they grow up fine :)

Don't feel guilty mummy, at least try not to. We all feel like that too! Make up for it by spending time bonding with your child at home :)

I think infant care is good. Facilities are meant to care for infant, so you are doing whats best for your baby. So dont feel guilty

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I never put my dog at e doggie day care. Feel bad sometimes leaving my dog alone at home too.

Don’t feel guilty fellow mama. Let baby interact with other babies