Dear mummies, do u re-use the same milk bottles and teats for ur #2,#3 and so on? Is it ok to continue using it for the rest of ur babies?

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If you are using glass bottle then you can reuse those bottle but if you are using plastic, better not reuse. Even though the plastic milk bottles might look good to human's eye there is most likely slight scratches due to washing. This where toxic leaks and go into the milk when contacted with heat. I normally replace my bottle when it is 6 months old or turn yellow. Even if it stated that it is of a better grade plastic the same rule applies as per advice by a friend who work in plastic industry.

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Nope, I only have 1 child but even his bottles and teats are replaced every 3 months (or sooner, if he damages it before that). The used ones are upcycled for crafts, or given to other mummies who want to trade in for baby fairs :)

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Nope, I change the bottle every six months or earlier as soon as it starts to turn yellowish. I will also change teats as long as it starts to turn yellowish

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No. The bottle lifespan is at most 1 year depending on the kind of plastic. The teats is every 3-6 months depending on wear and tear

No, teats to replace every 3 months and bottles every 6 months. Very unhygienic to keep and pass on!

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Yes , as long as it’s perfectly sterilised n good in condition, but I change the teets often

for glass bottles i will re-use, just that i will change the teats every 6 months.

nope i don't. i only reused my nuk glass bottles. the tests i change all.

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I do not refuse the bottles or teats. i change them every 6months.

No, I replaced them after 3 months use and throw alr.