Female circumcision (sunat perempuan)

Dear mummies (muslim parents), can I check if you mummies still send your female daughters for female circumcision in this day and era? I'm asking coz my husband is a bit unwilling to let our baby girl go through such procedure as we are not able to find any supporting facts in the Quran with regards to female circumcision. I told my mum that I may not send my daughter for female Circumcision however she was kind of upset and the other day she sends me texts saying that my other siblings / her friends keep asking if we have send our girl for circumcision. Any mummies here that didn't send their girl for circumcision and may I know why? #advicepls #firstbaby #1stimemom #pleasehelp #babygirl

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I had dilemma like you one year ago. My MIL asked and booked the appointment for my baby to get sunat but that time i was doubt cause most of my moslem friends who have baby girl that they don’t make it for their baby according the effect of sunat (WHO statement about FGM {Female Genital Mutilation}) and that is in grey area in islam..because sunat for female doesn’t have benefit and it’s different of male...I debated with My MIL. So, i listen and heard lots of dawah (mufti and ustazah) about the law of sunnat for female..It makes me more confuse 😅😆😂 I sent email to MUIS but I didn’t get the andwer and call to Masjid near my area for asking about that to Ustadzah then I didn’t get call back from them.. My husband supported His mother but he asked me to choose for decision.. So, my decision is do sunat for my baby girl cause I don’t wanna have bad term with my mil because of that and i do that to get more deed cause doing that “more special for girl” (there was hadits about that and there is a mom to take pic of book according that) just bismillah cause of Allah (no doubt and believe it). But when i saw in the procedure, my heart 💔 cause my baby was crying although just a while and the doctor (unfriendly) was fast in rush do that but she cut twice 😣😣 I didn’t ask to her cause I was hurry to make my baby calm and there was long Q after us and they just call another baby. When i reached home that i saw it was long cut in the skin 🥺 😢 and gave paracetamol (2-3 ml) once (to reduce the pain) then for one week, couldn’t clean/wipe with wet tissue. That’s your decision, mommy cause your baby is your daughter and you’re her mother.. If you’re still doubt just leave it/don’t do that cause anything doubt isn’t good (it comes from syaithan) and your husband will support you cause he also unwilling for letting his daughter do that procedure but you have to be ready for facing your mom and other relatives. If you do it, please find the doctor is really professional and friendly for asking about that cause some doctor will show how much it cut/sip) but my bad, the doctor didn’t do that and she was in rush.. Oopss sorry i write too much..I just wanna share my experience..

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I sent mine to Banyan Clinic. The procedure is harmless, costs 65 dollars and my baby didn't hurt that much (as she cried for 10 seconds literally, then stopped right after she could wear her diapers again 😆) Honestly, I was also being haunted at first by many opinion around me saying if it is harmful to the baby, better not do it. I did my own research and came to my peace as I am confident whatever is sunnah(recommended plus get extra reward in our deeds) must have a great reason to be recommended in Islam. It is not harus(permissable), another law in Islam.. it is Recommended which makes it even better. What I realize is that a lot of things in Islam are recommended like fasting Mondays and Thursdays, doing complete ablution (all 8 body parts rather than just the 4 obligatory parts), praying sunat before fardhu prayers, etc. have their own benefits that our limited human minds cannot even imagine and one that only our God knows, I came to my peace to do the procedure for my daughter. Hope this helps. Sincerely, another Muslimah mother:)

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We all can go on & on to debate about this. It's a never ending issue. People nowadays depends on hadith. I was circumcised when I was a baby so yes, I did the same for both my girls. Went to Banyan Clinic and the procedure is harmless, done by Dr Elly Sabrina. It's really a quick procedure and they healed very fast. I find it cleaner otherwise she'll have a little 'extra' meat dangling. Of course it's legal in SG because it is not the same female genital's mutilation like some other countries & cultures which are way more risky or probably deadly as they'll bleed alot. Ours is just a tiny snip of the tip of the clitoris & the recovery period is very short and fast. Diff people have diff views. Follow your gut. If you don't want to do it, don't. If you want to do it, do it. Afterall, you're the mother and she's your child. You have the say, not others.

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It is not obligatory but recommended. Anw, the procedure does not even hurt the baby, it’s just ‘syarat’ a tiny little snip like an ant bite for them. Most of the girls didn’t even cry after the procedure. I found this online, though it’s from Malaysia’s Mufti I think base line is there, excerpts from Quran and Sunnah. https://muftiwp.gov.my/artikel/al-kafi-li-al-fatawi/1336-al-kafi-419-hukum-berkhatan-bagi-kaum-wanita My advice is you seek clarification with MUIS Singapore regarding this. Wallahu’alam.

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Thank you very much.. Yes, I have send email to Muis to check.. And still waiting for their reply.

its a sunnah. in the past, sunnah they still do it. nowadays sunnah is taken lightly. you are the mother so ultimately its your choice. i sent mine to medinah clinic at tampines. procedure is less than 5 mins. my daughter didnt even cried. she did ard 2 to 4m old (i cant recall) . she wasnt cranky or uncomfortable after the procedure. do what u think its best. we cant force u if u really don't want too. if you want more islamic explanation best to consult a proffessional (uztazah)

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Hi there may I know how much is the cost?

https://sg.theasianparent.com/does-it-hurt-to-get-circumcised/?utm_source=question&utm_medium=recommended I’m sure it hurts and it’s actually considered a form of genital mutilation... don’t let people force you to do it to your own child if your mum questions u just say she alr did it. She won’t check your daughter private parts right

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Hi, I am a Chinese Muslim aka revert. I didn't send my daughter for the procedure and my reason is the same. It didn't state in the quran. Moreover, it is not recommended too under the WHO. My MIL also asked us to do it but I objected to it. After all it is my daughter.

If you're circumcised yourself then please ask yourself the question, if given the choice and option.. would you have willingly gone through it? If your answer is not a firm yes, then please.. Don't put your girl through this.

why do we still allow our religious beliefs override our decisions? imagine our daughter finds out that there is something different from the other girls, how would she face in future?

Dear mummies., thank you so much for all of your replies. It broadens my understanding and the reason for female circumcision. Once again, thank you and have a good weekend ahead.