2 months plus old baby

My baby is 2 months 13 days, on some days she drink well but some days she doesn't really want to drink, she can drink for 1 hr plus or very little quantity and super fussy before feed. Either she is crying or moving alot while drinking, sometimes trying to shake the bottle away when she jus started drinking. Any one have the same situation?

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My bbgirl had the same issue. She hates when her diaper is wet while drinking milk(even after changing her diaper before any feed). Most of the time she will pee while drinking milk halfway so will have to change diaper while she's crying for milk otherwise she will be super fussy while drinking milk. After changing her diaper she will drink without shaking the bottle away and finish drinking quickly. Or sometimes could be she needs to be burped in between feeds

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Hi mummy, Is normal on your bb situation. Every child is unique on their own. My baby is also very fussy before she drinks, sometimes she will want a short nap first before she drinks even when the milk is ready for her.Also she refused to drink if she has dirty diapers😅. As long your baby drinks milk, and she poops and pee well then it should be okay. Don’t worry ya😊.

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it’s normal.. as long as she’s drinking and got urine output, don’t worry so much.