My baby 15months old, past 3days she can't drink milk properly, she don't like to to drink, day&night 3 times 180ml only drink, rest of time she won't drink milk, Any one advise me, how to manage to drink, how to increase her hungry, thanks Nisha.

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If her solid food intake is good, then don't worry about the milk. Just make sure she drinks enough water in this hot weather. Establish a regular mealtime so that her body will adjust the 'hungry' feeling, if possible avoid snacking in between meals because then tummy will constantly feel full and she'll refuse to eat. Also, you can give her yogurt/yakult/fruit salad as an alternative for milk. Even adults get bored with the same drink everyday,right? Hope she'll stay healthy and happy :)

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Hi, Is she eating well on other food? If her solid food is eating good..then should not worry about milk intake so much. To increase her hunger... you can try to give Lysine tablets ...normally it comes with vitamin c + lysine. Second suggestion is to bring your lo for a good outing run.

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Give her milk first then after that give her water. Maybe she is thirsty and not hungry?