Heart breaking

Dear mummies. I need help, I no longer know what I can do anymore. All I want is to have some time with my son and my husband is taking him away from me as much as he can. Today he took our son that is ( 17months old ) away from me as i was about to feed him dinner. Our boy was so scared and crying as my husband was being ferocious about taking him away from me. As I have not start to feed our son, I just wanted to feed him before he take him away, and yet he took him and left the house without bringing his food and water bottle and both of them have been out for almost an hour which has past my son's dinner time. Earlier in the evening, I rushed home after my work end just to bring our son down for a walk to nearby supermarket and was caught by him at the lift lobby and he said that I did not tell him I was bringing his son out, and told our son in a threatening tone “do not anyhow go out with an outsider”. During my whole journey with our son, my husband did not play the part of a father or a husband, in many accounts, while sleeping, our son cried in the middle of the night and all he did was being mean and shouted at me or get pissed off by not making our son sleep back as soon as possible. Even during my confinement period, all I ask for is that little amount of rest, not only he did not help, but he did not want to be involved in any part of it. Ever since giving birth, I had to pay our child’s expenses without his financial help, not only paying for the baby, but also ask me to pay for the stay at his place. Because I have a lower income than him, instead of helping, he asked why I am earning so little and said that I should try to earn more and further my studies to find a higher paying job and not asking for his help. I really just want my boy to grow up nice and proper, to have a happy childhood and to be able to see him more and hug him when I can. But all I get is nights of our boy being locked away from me, nights and nights as he wanted to stay in separate rooms. There’s so many times he would threaten me to kick me out of the house. It has been a torture both emotionally and physically for my son and I. As I do not want my family to get worried about me over such situations I am in, can any mummies out there give me advice?

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