Dear mummies, How often do you apply the diaper cream for baby? Is it after each diaper change or once after shower?

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I only apply if there is redness. When I was a childcare teacher, a colleague mentioned that applying even if the child doesn't need it will condition the skin such that it becomes dependent on the cream, hence resulting in worse diaper rash problems. I think it's more important to change the diaper regularly so that the child's skin is not in contact with a wet or poopy diaper for too long as that is what causes the rash.

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It depends on what kind of diaper cream you're referring to! If you're talking about just normal baby butt balm/cream, we only apply it when there's redness (eg. when LO pooped too hard or diapers were too humid/tight). If it's medicated creams like Desitin, I try to stay away from them as much as possible - only ever used it once when my son had a bad diaper rash, but that was it!

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I was told by the pedeatrician to only apply diaper cream when needed (rash) as baby's skin is so fragile/sensitive it absorbs everything, including the chemicals. Hence we do not want to apply unnecessarily..

After each change, I personally only used baby vaseline and if there is any rash , i use only sudocrem. Sudocrem is super effective for any rash. I feel its a must have.

Every diaper change. It work wonders and most importantly please wipe with clean water instead of wet wipes. It makes a lot of difference to the baby's bottom.

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Depend on how sensitive my babies are. If very sensitive, good diaper cream will solve the problem very fast too.

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i only apply morning after shower and before sleep at night. twice a day. especially e anal part wer always red

I use cotton ball and water to clean at every Diaper change. Diaper cream only when there's rash or redness.

I applied diaper cream after every bath and every time he poo poos. Till now (18 months), I still apply it.

I only apply if needed. Thankfully my LO dont have sensitive skin and rarely have diaper rash.