Dear mummies, any diaper cream brand to recommend?

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I found 2 brands to be effective for my kids after using several brands. They are: 1) Pureen - Good for everyday use. It was sufficient for when my kids had mild to no redness on their buttocks. It was also cheap (I have a mother with multiple illnesses to look after). 2) Desitin (purple tube) for when my kids had really bad diaper rash (weeping sores) due to diarrhoea. My daughters were sensitive to Drapolene though. They always had very red streaks (resembling a bad sunburn) after application. For clarity, there was no redness on buttocks prior to application.

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Sudocream is a great cream. But on a side note, if you lo bum is down with rash, you can try using potato starch. It's a natural remedy. My LO had this stubborn rash which didn't subside even with doctor's cream. After an advice from an elder, it worked! My lo bum is now smooth

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1) Drapolene cream and its light (mild), feels smoother and effective. 2) Pot of Gold all natural skin relief Baby Balm - ingredients are guilt-free orangic Colombian palm oil. Can apply to face and folds as a moisturizer too. Love this product!

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thank you li ting

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Using Ecostore diaper cream. Used it when my bubba was a nb and had some rash & baby acne - helped a bunch. Have a couple of them stocked at home. Ping me if you’re looking to buy one! I could spare one. Haha

Smith & Nephew diaper cream is very good! I used it for both my kids and it works wonder! But can only be found usually in Guardian pharmacy

I have using Bepanthen for my son. So far the rashes clear immediately. He has eczema so his skin is more sensitive.

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Sebamed! I've been using it from day 1 and so far my baby doesn't have any problem with rashes or anything like that.

Mustela is really effective. Whenever I applied it to my baby, rashes would be gone by the next day

Desitin works fine for my 2 kids in the past! You can easily get it from watsons, fair price, etc