Dear mommiies & daddies, a question about 《SEX》In marriage. How important does 《SEX》play a part in a marriage? Can both stay together without《SEX》? I've been undergoing 《SEXLESS》marriage almost 6mths. Even i initial the first step my husband will give lots of excuses or reasons to back up the 《SEXLESS》with me. Even i try to talk to him, he'll tell me no or nothing else. I'm really getting tired & fed up in such relationship. Simply don't feel as a couple. Last week, we ever try to move on who know everything back to NONE!!! I feel hurt feel neglect. And that day i meet my a guy friend of mine. He try to start handky panky with me. Instead of stopping him i NEVER. I know i should'nt do that but i really feel good. And the other way HATE whenever i see or think of my husband at home. Always say tired don't even involve handle ours child or the family yet always say tired. Btw, he working 5days job with office hours. This is simply not acceptable for a 《SEXLESS》relationship. I told my friend about it, they say to me he might have a affair so "tired" to perform. Really tired of trying or keep giving him chances to hurt or neglect me.

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