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Dear Mommies, When did you stop swaddling your LO? My baby is 5+ weeks and likes to move her arms & legs even in sleep and I worry if I use loose blanket/covers, it might be dangerous if the sheet somehow covers her face & obstructs breathing while sleeping. P.S. we use aircon temperature 24-25 with/without fan at low speed (depending on weather) to sleep.

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I still swaddle my 5-week old baby cause she tends to get startled when asleep. At times we use the zip swaddle bag or if the weather is too hot, just cover her bottom half of body with a swaddle. Apparently my baby will only move her legs up if she needs to fart or poop 😅 Put on a long-sleeve top/romper with mittens and booties for baby if sleeping with the aircon turned on.

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My baby is 6 weeks going to 7 weeks and I still swaddle as she gets shocked quite easily when her arms are out.

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I swaddled till 4 months, no blankets/pillows/toys on the bed otherwise. Used fan and no aircon

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After 1 month. Cos my baby hate swaddlinh

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1 month