When to stop swaddling baby

Hi mommies, at which week/month did you stop swaddling your baby and how did they take it? My baby has been swaddled since birth, most of the time. From 1 month till now 2 months+, we only swaddled when he wants to sleep, else he cannot sleep and will be cranky. However, sometimes because of the swaddled, even the thinnest material, he would still sweat. Even in air conditioned room. And also he will be starting IFC soon, im scared he wont be able to sleep without being swaddled. I also was told that we need to stop swaddling our babies once they learn how to roll or flip over. Idt IFC allows babies being swaddled as swaddled was not in their list of things to bring. Until which week/month did you slowly stop swaddling your baby to sleep? And any tips ? Ive tried not swaddling, on highest fan, or aircon, white noise etc, he would cry cry. #firsttimemom #advicepls

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Hello! I stopped swaddling at around 2-3 months because baby gets fussy and sweats easily as well. And also because she was starting IFC so I want to make the sleep/nap transition as smooth as possible. What I did was I placed the bean bag pillow on her chest and both sides. You may want to ask if your IFC allows bringing bean bag pillows just to let ur baby adjust to the new routine :)

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I stop swaddling both kids at 1 month and 2 month respectively. In IFC baby don't do swaddle. At home Ill put a small bean pillow front back to make sure baby comfy. My kids do startle when sleeping without swaddle but they sweat a lot so I turn on fan/ac and their lullaby.