Helper And Mum.

Dear mommies. Wana know those who has helper at home to help care for Baby since 3month old. Until now who does your baby prefer to make them sleep? Helper or mum?

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Helper ☹️ Wanted to co sleep with my LO but my husband wants to sleep and LO sleep separately instead. This was the result.

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My helper joined us before I delivered #1. #1 is turning 4 years old next month. She still prefers to sleep with me and hub.

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My helper is good at putting baby to sleep/nap so I let her do it most of the time 😅. But night time LO sleeps with me

I let my helper put my LO to nap and sleep because my LO sleep in the same room as my helper.

We cosleep with our baby but the the helper coaxs the baby to take naps in day time

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Mummy n daddy cosleep with baby. Day time helper will coax baby to nap.

Your question is for baby at what age or month?

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We take turns

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