Are we over feeding my daughter?

My daughter is 3 weeks old exactly. She currently weighs 4kg from her birth weight of 2.89 kg. We feed her a mix of BM (~300ml, 80-90 per feeding) and FM (~600ml, 80-90ml per feeding) Some details: 1) My confinement nanny is taking care of her feedings. 2) she will feed her whenever she cries , to a frequency of 2h to 2-5h per feeding for formula milk. For BM, is can be as fast as 1h-1.5h after her last BM feeds. 3) we are giving her Enfamil A+ for her FM In total, we are feeding her up to 900ml of BM + FM per day. I am worried that we are overfeeding her and have voice our concern to our nanny. But she appears to be nonchalant about it. Are we too overly anxious about this? Is this normal?

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She should roughly get about 150-200ml/kg per day. So 900ml is a bit too much I think. Crying doesn’t always mean hunger, although it’s probably easy to just give the baby the bottle. Sometimes baby just needs to be cuddled/rocked, or the diaper needs changing. I’m not sure what your working relationship with your confinement nanny is like, but maybe you or your spouse could volunteer to carry baby for a while if she cries? Then see if what she wanted was actually just comfort (especially from mummy). I didn’t have any confinement lady, so I decided everything on my own. Hopefully, you get to make the call. Otherwise, hope things stabilise soon after this last week of confinement

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My CL overfed her too. So we changed CL because the old one too stubborn. Want to overfeed so the CL can have more free time. But if your baby has hungry cues then maybe she's really hungry.

Overfeed le..(to see how much to feed one time then if ebm is +20-30%) U try take 150*weight of child÷no. Of feeds.. So take as one day 12am-12am 8-9 feeds.. Its too much for 3 wks..

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Usually if there is over feeding baby will throw up best to reduce intake amount...

Yes. I feel is over feeding. But as long she didn't spit milk shldnt be worried

BM understandable. But formula milk usually can wait until 3 hours at least..

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3 weeks 900ml is abit too much. By right FM will last longer?

3y ago

Yea... BM is about 1-1.5h. FM 2-2.5h. We are really worried abt overfeeding her